Responsible hunting, a balance for the ecosystem

Beceite Ibex HuntIn addition to a sport and a source of income for many villages, responsible hunting is a useful tool for managing the natural environment and managing environmental resources. The nearly 350,000 federated hunters in Spain contribute significantly to sustaining ecosystems and improving their balance.

Spanish hunting control

The hunting of wild animals, especially the so-called big game like ibex or deers, allows to control animal populations, accommodating their volume to the food resources of the territories. In this way, the amount of available food is distributed more equitably and animal populations follow a more sustainable growth, without imbalances.

The hunting activities allow, in addition, to eliminate ill individuals, as it is done with the chamois that contract scabies to avoid infections. Or they serve to combat some invasions of animals such as rabbits that, in large quantities, pose a threat to crops in many areas of the country.

Hunters also help to relieve the pressure exerted by some species on others. For example, deer batches in the Cantabrian Mountains favor the development of the very scarce and threatened capercaillie. But, in addition, they contribute to vegetable species, such as cranberry, to grow more and give more fruit, which benefits species also in danger such as the brown bear.

Spain, a paradise for hunting

Spain is undoubtedly one of the most favorable countries in Europe for the practice of hunting. To the great extensions of field and forest that our country has, the wealth in biodiversity is added, that guarantees an enormous variety of hunting species.

In fact, in Spain you can hunt some unique animal in the world, such as the male Spanish ibex hunting. And if the big game species are numerous, with deer, fallow deer, wild boar, mouflon or roe deer available to the fans, those of small game are a list almost endless: from the hare and the rabbit to the partridge, passing by species like the lapwing, the woodcock, the quail, the pheasant, the coot or the pigeon. In short, a paradise for lovers of hunting, who find in Spain an environment in which to practice their hobby almost all year round, following the hunting seasons of each species, their migratory flows and their customs.

The federated hunters, in addition, with the guarantee that the hunt will be carried out in accordance with the rules and regulations of each autonomous community. His interest in complying with the laws is the first barrier of defense against poachers and his lack of respect for legislation. In addition, hunters are increasingly careful with the environment in which they carry out their sport: they pamper the forest, avoid littering and are extremely careful with their dogs.

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