gredos snow

Gredos Ibex Hunting

One of the fundamental bits of rigging you need to dependably bear on your rucksack while chasing on any mountains, this time it was on the spanish Gredos Mountains, is great rain outfit. The climate is eccentric, however considerably more while you are up on the snow capped. It comes rapidly and having your apparatus Leer másGredos Ibex Hunting[…]

Spanish Ibex Hunting

Initial segment of the entire article on «Chasing Ibex in Spain» and the mountain chasing strategy in Spain. In these two articles we will represent what really occurs on the field when you run chasing with Jorge, Hunterfy supplier for the Spanish chasing species, for the most part the Spanish Ibex. PLANNING AND EQUIPMENT WHEN Leer másSpanish Ibex Hunting[…]

Beceite Ibex Hunt

Responsible hunting, a balance for the ecosystem

In addition to a sport and a source of income for many villages, responsible hunting is a useful tool for managing the natural environment and managing environmental resources. The nearly 350,000 federated hunters in Spain contribute significantly to sustaining ecosystems and improving their balance. Spanish hunting control The hunting of wild animals, especially the so-called Leer másResponsible hunting, a balance for the ecosystem[…]

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